Have you seen The Yellow Sign?


There was a city here once. They say on the quiet nights, when you walk its streets, you can hear it dream of the sea, to turn a corner and find salt water up to your knees.

Short Fiction


Long Fiction


The Stacks

Assorted writings; with no promise of quality, context, or completeness

A Reflection

In which Lucy enters the dreams of the drowned

A short tone piece, originally written to get a feel for the characters and setting of a story focused around the search for a missing person in the dreams of the dead and dying. Now an active game development project as I felt the story I was looking to tell was more suited to an interactive medium

Blatantly unfished, and less likely to get a revisit as I further change and repurpose the project this became. However, there are still things here i'm proud of, even if only the idea this helped create